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Refund And Cancellation

Refund And Cancellation

  • Once a User chooses to avail of any subscription plan/offer announced by UnPay and agrees to buy that deal by due payment, such payment by the user shall not be refunded by the entitled under any circumstances whatsoever.
  • Please note that the act of buying a plan by UnPay is irreversible under the applicable law.
  • After receipt of payment from the user for any of the plans mentioned above and successful KYC verification of the user, UnPay shall create a user ID in their mobile application or website for the respective. Suppose if, the user is unable to get successful KYC done. UnPay shall not be able to allow availing the services mentioned for that particular subscription plan.
  • No existing balance will be refunded to the user in case of unsuccessful KYC verification. Thus, to avail of UnPay services on its Mobile App / Website, the user must obtain a successful KYC verification to proceed further.
  • Post User Id creation, while availing various services on UnPay Mobile App / Website, transactions which have failed for any reason directly attributable to UnPay and we receive corresponding confirmation from the payment gateway will be automatically refunded to user's bank account within 3-15 working days from the date of transaction.
  • A confirmation mail will be sent to the user's registered Email ID along with the refund.
  • Please note that only the actual transaction amount will be refunded, excluding payment gateway charges and all applicable taxes.
  • However, for cases where the user has received a successful completion confirmation but has yet to receive services, the user can submit a complaint via the Email ID mentioned on this website.
  • UnPay instantly enquires about the matter after receiving criticism from any of our users. In an extreme case, UnPay. may refund the payment deducting necessary professional service charges based on the inquiry.
  • UnPay's liability will be restricted to providing the user with a valid refund to the extent of the corresponding payment received by the company concerning a particular transaction.
  • The company shall not be responsible for any other claim or consequential liability arising from failed assistance on our system.
  • User accepts that this refund policy is subject to all the terms and conditions stated in the Agreement of the User/business associate/retailer/distributor/master distributor/stated head with UnPay.

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