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General Disclaimer

General Disclaimer

We hereby inform you that Unnatim Payments Private Limited (UnPay), its group entities or any of their authorized representatives / partner or merchants will never:

(i) ask for any advance or upfront payments like fees, charges, cash, fixed deposit, demand drafts, etc., or whatsoever for any reason;

(ii) offer any lucrative deals (commission structure or payments or any), gifts, vouchers, etc.; or

(iii) send e-mails, SMSs or make phone calls asking for any confidential or sensitive information like login ID or username, transaction password, one time password (OTP), bank account details, card details, grid card values, CVV and / or any personal information such as name, date of birth, mother’s maiden name, identity proof, income details, etc.

If you receive any e-mail, SMS and / or phone call asking for any advance payments like fees, charges, upfront cash, fixed deposit, demand drafts, etc., or requesting for any confidential, sensitive or personal information, you are advised to not respond to such e-mail, SMS and / or phone call.

Making any such advance payment or sharing of any confidential, sensitive or personal information may result in fraud and loss.

Unnatim Payments Private Limited (UnPay) or its group entities shall not be liable for any kind of loss incurred or damage suffered as a result of any person (including but not limited to an individual, firm, company, trust or society) dealing with such unscrupulous persons, agencies, firms or companies or relying on or responding to such e-mail, SMS and / or phone call.

Unnatim Payments Private Limited (UnPay) value to its customer and bound to serve in restriction with the work or service which is or beyond the legal or law of the land.

UnPay is very much aware about the terms, conditions, process and policies of the services provided to the clients, merchants etc… and believe in zero-tolerance for any activity which is or are beyond the legal terms or law of the land.


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